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Carpet Beetles in the Home

Adult varied carpet beetle on a flower. (Credit: DH Choe)

Like many, you have probably been doing extra cleaning around the house lately. Have you been...

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 10:00 AM
Tags: carpet beetles (6), damage (18), Dong-Hwan Choe (4), home (10), pest management (77), UC IPM (287)
Focus Area Tags: Pest Management, Yard & Garden

Using hydrogels to develop a yellowjacket bait

Figure 1. Western yellowjacket baiting with the hydrogel bait. After a short handling behavior on the bait, yellowjackets flew away with a small piece of the hydrogel bait. (Credit: DH Choe)

Many parks, recreational areas, and outdoor venues in California are home to yellowjacket wasps...

Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 9:00 AM
Tags: bait (5), bite (18), Campbell (1), control (55), Dong-Hwan Choe (4), fipronil (3), Michael Rust (2), nuisance (7), pest management (77), pests (65), sting (3), UC IPM (287), yellowjackets (7)
Focus Area Tags: Innovation, Natural Resources, Pest Management, Yard & Garden

Cockroaches! Updated Pest Notes

Female German cockroach with ootheca. (Credit: DH Choe)

Cockroaches, or roaches, are probably some of the least welcome insects people encounter in their...

Posted on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Tags: building (3), cockroaches (11), control (55), Dong-Hwan Choe (4), indoor pests (7), insects (18), management (42), Michael Rust (2), Pest Notes (98), pests (65), structural (2), Sutherland (12), UC IPM (287)
Focus Area Tags: Health, Pest Management, Yard & Garden

Using Seaweed to Kill Argentine Ants

Fig 1. Argentine ants feeding on green or red hydrogels to demonstrate liquid bait uptake. (Credit: J-W Tay, UC Riverside)

[From the Spring issue of the UC IPM Green Bulletin] Argentine ants can be a damaging ant pest...

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Focus Area Tags: Pest Management, Yard & Garden

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