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There are many herbs that grow well or even grow best in the cool season in Santa Clara County. Fall is also a great time to plant perennial herbs because it lets them get well established over our rainy season.

Below is a list of some herbs we have found do well in our location.

African Blue Basil
Very attractive tender perennial will bloom all summer long into fall until frost. Gorgeous flowers attract bees. Can grow to 4'. Tender perennial

Cilantro, OP
Fresh cilantro leaves have an intense and tangy flavor. Allow the seeds to develop for fresh coriander seeds. 10" tall. Plant 6–8" apart.

Confetti Cilantro, OP
Slow to bolt gourmet variety with more subtly flavored, feathery leaves. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–15" apart.

Greek Oregano
Excellent traditional oregano flavor. Dark green leaves and white flowers. Perennial

Italian Oregano
Traditional Italian oregano flavor, slightly milder and sweeter than Greek oregano. Purple flowers. Perennial

Parsley Italian Flat, OP
Prized variety for culinary use. 12" tall. Plant 12–18" apart. Biennial but usually planted as an annual

Salad Burnet
Serrated oval leaves have a mild celery flavor. Use in salads and as garnish. Also called burnet or pimpinelle. Perennial

English Thyme
A wonderful herb with endless culinary possibilities. Aromatic, attractive landscape plant with lovely small flowers. Perennial

French Thyme
Softly mounding plants of cascading gray-green leaves. Thyme is easy to freeze or dry. Perennial

German Winter Thyme
Winter hardy thyme, good flavor and yield. Classic culinary and ornamental herb. Perennial

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