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UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

Fall Garden Market

COVID-19 update, May 31: The information below is from 2019. It is uncertain whether there will be any events in fall 2020. We will post updates here if the situation changes.

October 5, 2019, 10 am–3 pm

Join us for our Fall Garden Market, part of the Martial Cottle Park Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival celebrates the agricultural heritage of the Santa Clara Valley and the newest park in the county. There will be food, entertainment, park tours, and more. 

Plant sale

Our Fall Garden Market plant sale offers a bounty of winter vegetable and flower seedlings plus beautiful low-water succulents. They all thrive in our cool winter conditions and will keep your garden producing year-round. See vegetable list below. Come get inspired! Arrive early for best selection. Sales benefit the UC Master Gardener program.

Two smaller plant sales will also be held:

  • September 28, 2019, 10 am–noon, at the Palo Alto Demo Garden
  • October 12, 2019 9:30 am–12:30 pm, at Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill

Other activities

We will also have:

  • Talks and tours by UC Master Gardeners
  • Children's activities
  • A Green Elephant sale
  • An “Ask a Master Gardener” booth where you can ask questions and bring in samples for diagnosis
  • A tool booth where you're welcome to bring your own hand pruner (must be in working condition) to learn to sharpen it yourself

See our schedule of activities with descriptions.


Cost: Free admission, $6 parking at Martial Cottle Park



2019 Vegetables

Rows of winter greens, Karen Schaffer
Here in Santa Clara County, we can grow delicious vegetables year round. Our market will offer a wide variety of vegetable seedlings that thrive in our cool season and provide you with fresh produce all winter long. Come talk to us and get tips for success with winter vegetables.

See our Vegetable Planting Chart for a month by month guide on when to plant different vegetables, developed specifically for Santa Clara County.

All seedlings are sold in six-packs unless otherwise noted. Arrive early for best selection. Some varieties may sell out quickly or be in short supply. A selection of flowers, ornamental plants, and succulents will also be offered. Please note: Not all varieties will be available at all plant sales.

OP: Open-pollinated. Seed saved will breed true to type.
Hybrid: Produced from crosses between two distinct parent lines. Seed saved will not be true to the variety planted. (More on Saving Vegetable Seeds from the University of Minnesota Extension)

Asian Greens

Chinese Broccoli, Gai Lan, OP
Thick, juicy stalks, young leaves and flower buds are tender and delicious. Can harvest shoots repeatedly for weeks.

Mizuna Mustard, OP
Four-pack. Kyona type with long, slender stems. Heat /cold tolerant. 4–12" tall. Plant close together for baby leaf or up to 10" apart for larger size.

Pak Choi Green Fortune, Hybrid
Ready in 30 days. Great for greens or stir-fry. Slow to bolt. 8–10" tall. Plant 8–12" apart.

Shungiku (Edible chrysanthemum), OP
Clip young leaves frequently to keep plants small and tender. Fine, lacy leaves are mild and tasty. 4–8" tall. Plant close together.

Tatsoi, OP
Smooth, spoon-shaped leaves in a compact rosette. Mild flavor is perfect for salads or stir fries. 6–10" tall. Plant 6" apart.

Nozawana Turnip Greens, OP
Traditional Japanese variety grown for leaves and stalks. For best flavor and texture, harvest at 2” wide. 24" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.


Bull's Blood, OP
Deep reddish-purple leaves are popular as baby greens in salads. Roots display pretty pink rings when sliced crossways. 8–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Chioggia, OP
Old Italian heirloom beet known for its red & white candy–striped rings and mild, sweet flavor. Named after a fishing town in Italy and pronounced ‘kee–OH–jaw’. 8–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Detroit Dark Red, OP
Popular heirloom beet, uniform and smooth, with sweet red flesh and tasty 14" tops for greens. 10–14" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Formanova, OP
Tasty, fine-textured beet in a convenient long shape that is easy to peel and slice into rounds. Delicious leaves too. 8–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Golden, OP
Sweet golden beets are mild and tasty. Beautiful in salads. Greens are delicious and mild. 8–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.


Batavia, Hybrid
Four-pack. Large 6–8" main head plus side shoots on this very early broccoli. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Belstar, Hybrid
Four-pack. Large 6–8" main head followed by plentiful side shoots which will continue all winter long. Later than Packman. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Broccolini (Aspabroc), Hybrid
Four-pack. Easy-to-grow baby broccoli produces dozens of tender, tasty heads with an asparagus-like flavor. 20–24" tall. Plant 24" apart.

Calabrese, OP
Four-pack. Medium-sized 3–6" main head followed by numerous side shoots for months afterwards. 24–30" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Packman, Hybrid
Four-pack. Tasty large (10-inch) light blue-green main head followed by lots of side shoots which will continue through the winter. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Mixed four-pack of broccoli. A great way to try several varieties! Plant 12–18" apart.


Early Jersey Wakefield, OP
Four-pack. Heirloom variety with 2–3 lb pointed heads that are solid, sweet, crisp and delicious. Compact plants can grow close together. 12–15" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Mammoth Red Rock, OP
Four-pack. Heirloom variety with crisp, deep purple-red heads, fine flavor. 5-lb heads, 8–10" across. 12–15" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Napa Cabbage, Little Jade, Hybrid
Four-pack. Dense, juicy heads, firm and sweet. 10–12" tall. Plant 10–12" apart.

Pixie, Hybrid
Four-pack. Fast growing baby cabbage is just 5" across. Sweet and crisp. Plant 10" apart

Mixed four-pack of cabbage. A great way to try several varieties! Plant 12–24" apart.


Cheddar, Hybrid
Four-pack. Like a regular cauliflower, but orange! Sweet and tasty, with about 25 times as much beta carotene as white cauliflower. No blanching needed. Delicious and striking. 18–24" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Graffiti, Hybrid
Four-pack. Neon purple cauliflower keeps its color when cooked. Makes a great addition to any raw vegetable platter. The 10" heads do not require blanching. For a surprise, dress raw or cooked Graffiti with vinaigrette and watch it turn a bright magenta pink. 18–24" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Green, OP
Four-pack. This Italian heirloom, Verde di Macerata, forms beautiful light green heads with no blanching needed. 18–24" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Romanesco, OP
Four-pack. Light green heads with incredible swirls that form amazing fractal shapes. Sweet nut-like taste. 18–24" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Snow Crown, Hybrid
Four-pack. Early snowball type is pure white, round and flavorful, weighing up to 2 lbs. each. 18–24" tall. Plant 24–30" apart.

Mixed four-pack of cauliflowers. A fun way to try different varieties! Plant 24–30" apart.


Baby Leaf, OP
Harvest at 4–5" tall. Plant 1" apart. Cut tender leaves 1–2” above the soil, leaving crowns to regrow for multiple harvests. 4–5" tall. Plant 1" apart.

Bright Lights, OP
Gorgeous stems are red, yellow, gold, orange, white, pink, violet, and striped. Delicious and tender. Multicolored stems and leaves make a wonderful show. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

French White, OP
Thick green leaves are large and tender, on huge, white stalks that are very wide and delicious. Heavy yields because leaves are so large. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Peppermint Stick, OP
Beautiful chard with hot pink and white striped stems, delicious as well as ornamental. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.


Cilantro, OP
Four-pack. Fresh cilantro leaves have an intense and tangy flavor. Allow the seeds to develop for fresh coriander seeds. 10" tall. Plant 6–8" apart.

Confetti Cilantro, OP
Slow to bolt gourmet variety with more subtly flavored, feathery leaves. 18–24" tall. Plant 12–15" apart.

Lemon Cilantro, OP
Four-pack. Compact dwarf cilantro with an extra citrus flavor to the leaves and seeds. A little goes a long way.

Parsley Italian Flat, OP
Four-pack. Prized variety for culinary use. 12" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Italian Greens

Chicory, heading Sugarloaf, OP
Green chicory looks like a romaine lettuce but has that distinctive and delicious sweet/bitter chicory flavor. 12–18" tall. Plant 12" apart.

Escarole Blonde Full Heart, OP
Beautiful pale green leaves become golden blonde when blanched. Delicious raw in salads or cooked. 8–12" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Frisée Curled Green Ruffec, OP
Large full heads with delicious finely cut, frilled leaves. Blanch heads tying outer leaves together 2 to 3 weeks before harvest. Holds well in garden, slow to bolt. 8–12" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Radicchio Orchidea Rossa, OP
Beautiful tennis–ball sized radicchio is crisp and delicious. Reliable header, resistant to disease. 8–12" tall. Plant 12" apart.

Rapini (Broccoli Raab), OP
Plentiful shoots have a delicate slightly bitter/spicy/peppery flavor. 12–18" tall. Plant 6–10" apart.


Dazzling Blue, OP
This striking kale features blue-green savoyed leaves with dramatic pink midribs. Upright growth. New from Wild Garden Seed. 24–30" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Lacinato, OP
Heirloom Italian variety is a gorgeous, striking plant with delicious dark blue-green leaves. 24–36" tall. Plant 18–24" apart.

Premier Blend, OP
You'll get a beautiful variety of colors, textures, sizes and flavors with this special five kale blend (Dwarf Blue Curled, Improved Dwarf Siberian, Lacinato, Premier, and Red Russian). 24–30" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Red Russian, OP
Tasty and ornamental kale with red veins will prolifically produce sweet, tender young leaves all winter long. 24–30" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Tronchuda Beira, Hybrid
Portuguese variety. Paddle-shaped, deep green leaves with mild, rich flavor. 24–30" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Tuscan Baby Leaf, OP
More tender texture and sweeter flavor than mature kale leaves makes this wonderful for salads. Plant close together and harvest when just 4–5" tall, leaving crown to regrow for multiple harvests.


Red Giant, OP
Four-pack. Beautiful mustard, both ornamental and tasty. Harvest young leaves for salads or larger leaves to cook. Striking in a border. 8–24" tall. Plant 4–6" or 12–18" apart.

Ruby Streaks, OP
Four-pack. Stunningly beautiful mustard, with feathery, ruby red leaves. Delicious in salads and stir-fries. A perfect ornamental edible. 6–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Spicy Green, Hybrid
Four-pack. New variety from Japan developed for a tangy, hot flavor like wasabi. Pick small for mild, delicate flavor or large for robust, spicy flavor. 8–24" tall. Plant 4–6" or 12–18" apart.

Onion Family

Garlic Chives (Chinese leeks), OP
Flat, strappy leaves with a sweet garlic/chive flavor. White flowers are edible. Will reseed. Perennial, full sun. 18–24" tall x 12" wide.

Leek Carentan, OP
Four-pack. Long, thick leek grows strong and vigorously, with a delicate and delicious flavor. Up to 2 inches across. An old European heirloom variety. 18–24" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Cabernet, Hybrid
Medium large red globe onion. Good internal color, mostly single centers, 4–6 month storage. 10–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Onion Sierra Blanca, Hybrid
Four-pack. Sweet and mild Spanish white onion with thick rings, stores well for 2–3 months. Day neutral. 10–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Onion Torpedo Rossa Lunga di Firenze, OP
Four-pack. These purple-red torpedo-shaped onions are an Italian heirloom with a rich, mild, sweet flavor. Intermediate day. 10–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Scallion Delicious Duo, Hybrid
Four-pack. Blend of Red Robin and Green Feast scallions. Great color, heat tolerant, disease resistant. 10–12" tall. Plant 1–2" apart.

Other Vegetables

Artichoke Violetto Precoce, OP
3.5-inch pot. Mid-early violet purple artichoke with medium-sized, thorn-free globes. Tight, thick leaves are deliciously meaty yet tender. Very traditional Italian variety. Perennial, full sun. Cut to ground level after spring production. 3–5' x 2–3'

Collards Georgia Southern, OP
Harvest delicious outer leaves for a constant supply. Cabbage/kale flavor. 24–36" tall. Plant 12–18" apart.

Daikon White Tokinashi, OP
Harvest roots when they are about 2” in diameter and 10–12” long. Crisp with excellent flavor. 10–12" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Fennel Di Parma, OP
Superior bulbing fennel, large and uniform, with great flavor. Flowers attract beneficials and swallowtail butterflies will lay eggs on the feathery greens. 24–36" tall. Plant 10–12" apart.

Kohlrabi Duo, Hybrid
The white flesh inside these alien looking vegetables is deliciuosly sweet and juicy. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Mix of green Kongo and purple Kohlibri varieties. 8–10" tall. Plant 4–6" apart.

Turnip Golden Globe, OP
Large, fine-fleshed turnip with sweet, pale golden flesh. Tasty raw or cooked. 8–12" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.


Little Marvel (shelling), OP
Heavy yields of fine-flavored peas on vigorous plants. Heirloom variety. Best on a short trellis. 3–4' tall. Plant 4" apart.

Tall Telephone (shelling), OP
Large pods of delicious peas on tall vines. Heirloom variety. Needs a trellis. 6' tall. Plant 4" apart.

Mammoth Melting Sugar (snow pea), OP
Heirloom variety with sweet 4–5" long flat pods are borne on vigorous vines. 4–5' tall. Plant 3–4" apart.

Super Sugar Snap, OP
Vigorous vines yield heavy crop of delicious, edible-podded sugar snap peas. Healthy and mildew resistant. Thick, juicy pods are great raw or cooked. 5–6' tall. Plant 3–4" apart.

Salad Greens

Italian Arugula, OP
Delicious salad greens with deep, spicy flavor. Will resow if allowed to go to seed. Flowers are edible too. 8–10" tall. Plant 3–6" apart.

Wasabi Arugula, OP
A wild arugula with a complex, spicy wasbi flavor. Grows in pretty rosettes. Edible flowers. 4–5" tall. Plant 4–5" apart.

Lettuce, Blushed Butter Cos, OP
Tender, semi-romaine type with a buttery texture, green leaves blushed with red. 5–7" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Lettuce, Buttercrunch, OP
Loose butterheads with sweet, crisp, thick, delicious leaves. 5–7" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Lettuce, Cardinale, OP
Thick, crisp and succulent dark red leaves on extremely heat resistant crispheads. Beautiful and tasty. 6–8" tall. Plant 10–12" apart.

Lettuce, Cimarron, OP
Red romaine heads, tall, crisp, and delicious, slow to bolt. Heirloom French variety. 5–7" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Lettuce, Dragoon, OP
Compact mini green romaine heads are crisp and dense. Bolting and tip burn tolerant. 5–7" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Lettuce, Gourmet Baby Mixed, OP
Delicious blend of gourmet lettuces. Plant closely (2–4") for cut and come again harvesting or space apart 8–10" for heads.

Lettuce, Queen of Crunch, OP
Crunchy, juicy green leaves can be harvested individually or as the entire head. Heat tolerant and sturdy, this crisphead lettuce is beautiful in the garden. 6–8" tall. Plant 10–12" apart.

Lettuce, Ruby & Emerald Duet, OP
Mix of green butterhead and ruffled red leaf lettuce. Beautiful, tasty, heat tolerant. Good for containers. 5–6" tall. Plant 5" apart.

Lettuce, Truchas, OP
Compact, dark red mini romaine heads are crisp and delicious. Mildew and virus resistant. 6–8" tall. Plant 6" apart.

Lettuce, Valentine Mesclun, OP
Gorgeous mix of red lettuces for dramatic and delicious salads. Plant closely (2–4") for cut and come again harvesting or space apart 8–10" for heads.

Lettuce, Yugoslavian Red, OP
Tender red butterheads are beautiful and flavorful. 6–8" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Mâche Big Seeded, OP
Gourmet European salad green. Small, low-growing rosettes of delicate, tender leaves, nutty flavor. Pick individual leaves or harvest entire head. 4–6" tall, plant 4–6" apart.


Catalina Baby Leaf, OP
Harvest individual leaves at baby size or cut whole heads 2” above soil. Regrow for multiple harvests. 8–10" tall. Plant 5–6" apart.

Early Hybrid No. 7, Hybrid
Large heads for a heavy yield of flavorful medium dark green leaves. 3–8" tall. Plant 10–12" apart.

Oriental Giant, Hybrid
Giant arrowhead-shaped leaves are sweet and crisp, on long stems held high off the ground. Vigorous plants will produce all winter long. 18–24" tall. Plant 8–10" apart.

Summer Perfection, Hybrid
New Dutch variety is heat tolerant for a long harvest period. Upright green leaves are crunchy and sweet. 4–6" tall. Plant 5–6" apart.

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