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Spring Garden Market Peppers/Chiles

Assorted Chile Peppers, Rosalie Shepherd
We offer a wide range of delicious and unusual pepper/chile seedlings from around the world - India, South America, Mexico, Africa, USA and more. Whether you like sweet and juicy or hot and searing, you'll find many choices to please your palate.

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Please understand that some varieties may sell out quickly or not be available due to germination difficulties.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Canary C. annuum
Thick walled green peppers mature to bright yellow. Resistant to two strains of tobacco mosaic virus. Heat level: 0

Coral (Orange) C. annuum
Beautiful big bell peppers color up from green to bright orange at maturity. Heat level: 0

Etiuda C. annuum
Crisp, thick-walled heirloom orange bells are sweet and juicy, can reach a half-pound in weight. Tall productive plants. Heat level: 0

Garden Sunshine C. annuum
High yielding variety, the fruit holds for weeks on the plant. Best eaten yellow or orange. Heat level: 0

Giallo di Cuneo C. annuum
Large, sweet, square, yellow pepper. Pods have very thick walls & thin skin with great flavor. Heat level: 0

Gourmet C. annuum
Swiss variety, sweetest orange pepper. Typically produces 6 to 12 4-lobed fruits per plant. Bell-shaped fruit are 3" wide and 5" long. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Heat level: 0

Islander C. annuum
Thick, light lavender bell peppers with pale yellow flesh display dramatic yellow and orange streaks as they ripen to a dark red. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Heat level: 0

King of the North C. annuum
Medium-sized green bell peppers ripen to a sweet red. Early variety is a good choice for areas with short, cool summers. Heat level: 0

Mini Orange C. annuum
Heirloom miniature orange bell from Ohio. Short, stocky 16" plants are covered with 2" fruits with 2–3 lobes, excellent sweet fresh flavor. Heat level: 0

Mini Red C. annuum
Heirloom miniature red bell from Ohio. Short, stocky 16" plants are covered with 2" fruits with 2–3 lobes, excellent sweet fresh flavor. Heat level: 0

Mini Yellow C. annuum
Heirloom miniature yellow bell from Ohio. Short, stocky 16" plants are covered with 2" fruits with 2–3 lobes, excellent sweet fresh flavor. Heat level: 0

Quadrato d'Asti Giallo C. annuum
Very large yellow bell. Fruit is 6–7" long by 3½–4" wide. Thick walled, very sweet. Heat level: 0

Red Bull C. annuum
Large thick-walled peppers on strong, productive plants. Profuse foliage protects fruits from sun scald. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and bacterial spot. Heat level: 0

Sweet Goliath C. annuum
Massive 4-lobed fruits that grow 4" wide by 7" long. Ripen from green to dark red. Heat level: 0

Wisconsin Lakes C. annuum
Early maturing bell red pepper developed at the University of Wisconsin. Sweet, thick walled, 4–6 oz. fruits, good yields. Heat level: 0

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Sweet Non-bell Peppers

Buran C. annuum
Extremely sweet and productive Polish heirloom with great flavor. Medium-sized plants produce 3-lobed, 4" by 3" fruits that are almost equally sweet when either green or red. Heat level: 0

Carmen C. annuum
Early and beautiful Italian bull's horn-style fruit. 6" long and 2½" wide shoulders tapering to a point. Very sweet when ripened to red with medium-thick flesh. Heat level: 0

Chervena Chushka C. annuum
Bulgarian heirloom traditionally for roasting, but also great fresh. Tapered fruits are 2" by 6" long, ripen from green to brown to red, very sweet, almost candy-like. Highly productive. Heat level: 0

Corno di Toro Giallo C. annuum
Shaped like a bull's horn. Pods are 6" to 10" long and 1½" wide. Ripens to bright yellow color. Heat level: 0

Corno di Toro Rosso C. annuum
Shaped like a bull's horn. Pods are 6" to 10" long and 1½" wide. Ripens to deep red color. Heat level: 0

Cuollarici C. annuum
Large curled pod from Tricarico, great for fried peppers. An MG favorite. Heat level: 0

Friggitello C. annuum
Very productive Italian heirloom from Naples. 5" long brilliant red frying pepper. Best peeled for frying. Heat level: 0

Goccia d'Oro C. annuum
An excellent frying pepper. About 6" long with a thin skin. Yellow green turning yellowish-red when full ripe. Prolific and an early season variety. Heat level: 0

Gypsy C. annuum
Early hybrid, heavy producer, plants to 18". Very tasty ancho shape fruit. TMV resistant. 60 days from transplant Heat level: 0

Jimmy Nardello C. annuum
Large sweet fryer and very popular Italian sweet. Heat level: 0

Jon's Long Orange C. annuum
Long thick-fleshed peppers are a beautiful, intense orange color. The very sweet and delicious fruits are produced abundantly on healthy plants. Heat level: 0

Lipstick C. annuum
Sweet, thin-walled, 4" long and tapered to a blunt point. Dark red at maturity. The plants are productive and relatively early producing. Heat level: 0

Lombardo C. annuum
5–6" long, ½–1" wide. Very thin skin. Pick green. Suitable for frying. Heat level: 0

Marconi Golden C. annuum
Big, 7–9" long pods. Very sweet, great for grilling, frying, or eating fresh. Yellow/orange color. A frequent taste test winner. Heat level: 0

Marconi Rosso C. annuum
Like Marconi Golden, but red. Big, 7–9" long pods. Very sweet, great for grilling or frying or consuming fresh. A frequent taste test winner. Heat level: 0

Napoleon Sweet C. annuum
Peppers are 8" long and sweet as apples. Very productive bearing fruit until frost. Good flavor green but sweeter when red. Heat level: 0

Romanian Gogosari C. annuum
Peppers are sweet and full flavored. Mature to red. A prolific producer. Heat level: 0

Sweet Sunset C. annuum
Loads of sweet & colorful banana peppers on an upright, compact plant, perfect for containers and small gardens. AAS winner. Heat level: 0

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Mild Peppers

Aji Dulce C. chinense
This heirloom pepper is similar to habanero, but with only a touch of heat. Flavor is complex and aromatic. Heat level: 2

Aleppo C. annuum
From the Kurdish area of Syria. 15,000 SHU but may be as high as 150,000 SHU. Also known as Halaby pepper. Heat level: 1

Anaheim C. annuum
Mildly hot pods are 7–8" long. Use green or red. Perfect for stuffing and Tex-Mex dishes. Heat level: 2

Ancho / Poblano C. annuum
Pods are 5–7" long and about 2¾" wide. The fresh pods are called poblano, and ancho refers to the dried form. A traditional stuffing pepper. Heat level: 3

Golden Greek C. annuum
Usually picked and pickled in the yellow stage. A very productive variety. Pods are 2–4" long with a thin, green wrinkled skin. Classic sandwich garnish as "pepperoncini." Heat level: 3

Hungarian Yellow Wax C. annuum
Thick-walled, tapered, about 6" long. Pick yellow for firmer bite or let mature to bright red for more succulent flavor. Great for stuffing or grilling and are excellent for pickling. Heat level: 3

Jalapeno TAM C. annuum
Developed by Texas A&M University. Has standard jalapeno flavor with much milder heat. Heat level: 2

NuMex Big Jim C. annuum
Big Jim is a popular variety. Pods are very large, 8–10" long and about 2" in width. The pods are thick-walled. Great taste. An MG favorite. Heat level: 2

NuMex Suave Orange C. chinense
Developed at New Mexico State University. Habanero-type flavor but much less heat. Has a citrus-like taste. Orange at maturity. Heat level: 3

NuMex Suave Red C. chinense
Developed at New Mexico State University. Habanero-type flavor but much less heat. Has a citrus-like taste. Red at maturity. Heat level: 3

Padrón C. annuum
Wonderful pepper from Padrón in Spain. Wrinkled pods are picked small and green. Often eaten fried and garnished with kosher sea salt as a tapas. Heat level: 2

Peri Dot C. bacatuum
The bell-shaped pods are bright orange and very thick walled. Excellent flavor. Plant has a long growing season, and can be used as an ornamental. Heat level: 1

Shishito C. annuum
Plant produces high yields of 2 ¼" long by ½" wide mild peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Similar in preparation and flavor to Pimiento de Padróns. Heat level: 2

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Hot Peppers

Aji Amarillo C. baccatum
Popular South American variety. Pods are tapered, about 5" long by 1½" wide. The shiny, greenish yellow fruit ripen to orange. Consume fresh or dried. Heat level: 7

Bulgarian Carrot C. annuum
Extremely productive 18" tall plants. Fruit ripens from green to yellow-orange, quite hot. Crunchy flesh, adds color and texture to chutneys and salsas. Excellent when roasted. Heat level: 8

Cornaletto Calabrese Piccante C. annuum
From Calabrese region of southern Italy. Fruit are deep red and 5–6" long. Excellent taste. Heat level: 5

Cyklon C. annuum
Red hot Polish pepper. Tapered fruits are 5" long. Used extensively by the spice industry in Poland for drying due to its thin flesh. Heat level: 5

De Arbol C. annuum
Plant produces good yields of 3" long by ½" wide hot peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Heat level: 7

Espelette C. annuum
From Basque region of France. The fruits are conical shaped and 3–4" long. They are red when mature. Good dried. Heat level: 5

Fireball C. annuum
Round 1½" pods mature to a blazing red color. Sweet hot fruits are great for pickling. Heat level: 5

Fish C. annuum
Pre-1870s African-American heirloom. Beautiful variegated foliage. 2–3" long variegated fruits ripen from striped to all red. Traditionally used in Maryland oyster and crab houses. Heat level: 6

Indian Jwala C. annuum
Plant produces heavy yields of 4" long, slender, wrinkled peppers. Most popular pepper in India. Very ornamental with peppers in all stages of ripening. Heat level: 8

Jalapeno C. annuum
High yielding jalapeno. Hot, thick-walled. Turns from green to red when mature. Best harvested when green. Excellent for making salsa and pickling. Heat level: 5

Peruvian Purple C. frutescens
Striking plant that is completely purple, foliage and all, with upright deep purple fruits that turn red when mature. Heat level: 8

Rocoto/Manzano Red C. pubescens
The purple flowers, long, hairy stems, and jet-black seeds make this an unusual variety. The thick-walled pods are apple-shaped and are about 2" across. Heat level: 8

Santa Fe Grande C. annuum
Conical blunt-tipped fruits, 1½" by 3½" long, medium-thick walls. Ripens from yellow to orange to red. Sturdy 24" tall plants, heavy yields. Good for pickling, canning & salsa. Heat level: 6

Serrano C. annuum
Pods are about 3" long x ¾" in diameter. Round and tapered at the bottom. Dark green initially, they turn red at maturity. Excellent taste. Heat level: 7

Tabasco C. frutescens
This famous heirloom is used in Louisiana to make Tabasco sauce. The thin-skinned peppers are hot and delicious. Heat level: 7

Tunisian Baklouti C. annuum
Traditional large red tapering pepper from Tunisia. Wonderful hot flavor is perfect for couscous and other North African dishes. Gets milder with cooking. Heat level: 5

Wenk's Yellow Hots C. annuum
Medium hot heirloom pepper with thick, waxy yellow walls, ripening to bright orange and then to red, 2–4" long, blunt tipped fruits. A great variety for canning and pickling. Heat level: 6

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Extremely Hot Peppers

Bhut Jolokia C. chinense x frutescens
Extremely hot pepper from India, aka 'Ghost pepper.' Light green pods turn red when mature. Much variability in plants & pods. Heat level: 10

Chiltepin, Tepin C. annuum
From Sonora region of Mexico. Pods are 1/4–-3/8" long by 1/4–3/8" wide. Upright fruit have thin flesh. Matures from green to red. Heat level: 9

Datil C. chinense
Brilliant orange fruits from St. Augustine, Florida. Comparable to habaneros, but sweeter and fruitier, with a more complex flavor. Heat level: 10

Habanero C. chinense
Classic distinctive habanero flavor, fruity & fiery. Pods ripen from light green to bright orange-red. Heat level: 10

Thai Hot Red C. annuum
Very productive variety. Medium-walled pods are tapered and pointed at the bottom, about 1½–2" long. Pods grow upright. Dark red at maturity. Heat level: 9

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper C. chinense
Unique pod shape with a scorpion tail, though some percentage will more closely resemble Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper). As hot or hotter than Bhut Jolokia! Heat level: 10

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