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Spring Garden Market Succulents

We hope to offer our Spring Garden Market in 2021. Check back for updates.

We will be offering a beautiful array of succulents this year. They thrive both in containers and in the ground.

Please understand that we have a limited supply and some varieties may sell out quickly.




Succulent list

Aeonium arboreum ‘Atropurpureum’
Shorter, fuller plant than Zwartkop. Good cut flower. Dark, purplish leaves, varying amounts of green. Cool sun/part shade. Low water. 2–3' x 1–2'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’, Black Rose Aeonium
Large rosettes of dark purple leaves on tall brown stems. Stalks die after yellow flowers form. Cool sun/part shade. Low water. 3–4' x 2'. Hardy to to 25–30°F.

Aeonium ‘Ballerina’
Sticky leaves with slight variegation. Unusually shrubby and makes dense mass of rosettes. Sun/part shade. Low water. 8" tall, clumping. Hardy to 30°F

Aeonium canariense, Giant Velvet Rose
Large rosettes of bright green leaves close to the ground. Dies after tall flower stalk of yellow flowers fades. Full/part sun. Low water. 1–2' x 1', clumping to 2–3' wide. Hardy to 20°F

Aeonium haworthii
Branched with 3–4” bluish-green rosettes. Pale yellow flowers in late spring. Full sun/light shade on coast; light/full shade inland. Low water. 1–2' x 1–2'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Aeonium haworthii ‘Kiwi’
Rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves, yellow to green, edged in pink, multi-branching. Cool sun/light shade. 2–3' x 1–2'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Aeonium leucoblepharum
Rose-colored lower leaves with a bold burgundy stripe. Sun brings out the red color. Sun/part shade. Low water. 3' x 4'. Hardy to 30°F

Agave ‘Blue Glow’
Solitary rosettes have blue-green leaves with red margins edged in yellow, tiny soft spines, and short red terminal spine. Full sun. 1–2' x 2–3'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Agave medio-picta ‘Alba’, White Striped Century Plant
Variegated leaves with greyish-white to creamy-white central broad band and gray-blue, sharp-spined edges. Full sun. Occasional water. 3' x 6'. Hardy to 15–20°F

Agave parryi parryi
Gray-green leaves, darker tip, indentations on back. Spectacular flower after 10–25 years, then offsets replace it. Full sun. Low water. 2' x 2–3'. Hardy to -5°F

Agave parryi var. huachucensis, Artichoke Agave
Large rosette with broad gray leaves. When mature, sends up a 10–15' flower stalk. Clumping. Full sun. Occasional water. 2' x 2'. Hardy to 20–26°F

Aloe ciliaris, Climbing Aloe
Vine with support or ground cover. Narrow spiraling leaves, 6–12" orange-red flower stalks any time of year. Sun/bright shade.Low water. 8–12" x spreading. Hardy to 25–30°F

Aloe saponaria, Soap Aloe
Stemless rosette. Pale green, lance-shaped leaves with spots and sharp, dark brown teeth. Summer tubular flowers of yellow, orange or red on 2' stalk. Sandy, gravelly soil. Colors when heat stressed. Sun/part shade. Low water but best with summer water. 18" x 18". Hardy to 20–25°F

Aloe vera
Known for its medicinal properties. Clumping. Sun or part shade. Low water. 24–30"

Aloe vera var. chinensis
A medicinal aloe similar to Aloe vera but with shorter leaves. Pale orange flowers in spring and summer. Part sun. Low water. 12" x 12". Hardy to 30°F.

Aloe x nobilis, Golden Toothed Aloe
Red-orange flowers in the summer. Deer tolerant. Clumping. Sun or shade. Occasional water. 1–2' x 1–2'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Bulbine frutescens, Stalked Bulbine
Gray-green leaved ground cover. Yellow flowers on long stalks rise above foliage spring through summer. Sun. Low water. 1–2' x spreading. Hardy to 20–25°F

Bulbine frutescens ‘Tiny Tangerine’, Tangerine Stalked Bulbine
Succulent groundcover spreads by rhizomes to dense clump. Blooms spring–fall, some summer dormancy. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1–2' x 3–4'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Calandrinia spectabilis
Tall stems of cerise flowers wave over dense blue–green foliage all summer long. Full sun. Low water. 15" x 3–4'

Cotyledon oblonga ‘Flavida’, Gray Sticks
Powdery white finger-like leaves. Low shrub/groundcover. Orange bell-shaped flowers on 12–18" stalk in the spring. Sun/shade. Low water. 1–2' x 3–4'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Cotyledon orbiculata
Shrubby succulent with paddle-shaped, gray leaves edged with red. Showy, peach bell-shaped flowers in spring. Part/full sun. Low water. 2–3' x 2–3'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Cotyledon tomentosa ‘Bear's Paws’
Fuzzy leaves with velvety coating, dark red edges like a bear's paw. Great houseplant in bright light. Summer dormant. Part sun. Low water. 6–8" tall. Hardy to 30°F

Crassula ‘Blue Bird’
Opposite pairs of erect bluish-gray elongated and twisted leaves on a much branched pseudo-tree. Good succulent bonsai. Whitish star flowers. Part sun/shade. Low water. 3' x 3'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Crassula corymbulosa ‘Red Pagoda’, Red Pagoda, Shark's Tooth
Triangular leaves form pagodas, turn red in winter. After tiny fall flowers, leaves drop and form new rosettes. Sun/light shade. Low water. 6–10" x 14–24". Low water. Hardy to 32°F

Crassula falcata, Propeller Plant
4" gray-green leaves in overlapping pairs on unbranched stem. Showy cluster of red flowers on stalk in summer. Sun/light shade. Low water. 2' x 2'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Crassula lycopodioides
Chartreuse-green branching upright gound cover similar to C. muscosa but fuller, looser leaves. Low water. 1' x spreading. Hardy to 20–25°F

Crassula muscosa, Watch Chain
Branching habit of tightly overlapping light green leaves, greenish-yellow flowers in spring to mid-summer. Light shade. Some summer water. <1' x 1–2'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Crassula ovata, Jade Plant
Thick, green, glossy, oval leaves on tree-like branching trunk. Fragrant, white to pink flowers in winter/spring. Sun/part sun. Low water. 3–6' x 1–3'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’, Gollum Jade Plant
Tubular leaves have red-tipped suction cup-like tips. Fragrant star-shaped white flowers in winter/spring. Part sun. Low water. 1–3' x 1–2'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Crassula ovata ‘Money Maker’
Oval-shaped, green, mounding succulent foliage. Low maintenance. Sun/part sun. Low water. Hardy to 25–30°F.

Crassula ovata ‘Variegata’, Variegated Jade Plant
Thick, glossy, cream and green variegated leaves. Prune out green leaves which may outgrow variegated leaves. Sun/part sun. Low water. 3–6' x 1–3'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Crassula pellucida ‘Variegata’, Calico Kitten
Trailing succulent with colorful heart-shaped leaves in shades of rose pink, cream and green. Part sun/shade. Low water. 2–4" x trailing. Hardy to 25°F

Crassula perforata, String of Buttons
Shrubby, branched, sprawling plant. Inconspicuous yellow flowers. Leaves are stacked like a pagoda. Cool sun/light shade. Low water. 1–2' x 2–3'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Crassula ‘Red Edge’
Angled leaves develop red edges with more sun, less water. Some leaves drop and grow. White flowers in fall. Sun/part sun. Low water. 4" x 1'+. Hardy to 25–30°F

Crassula sarmentosa ‘Variegata’
Green leaves with yellow, slightly toothed edges. Trailing habit. Part sun. Low water. 6–8" x 12–24”. Hardy to 20°F

Crassula tetragona, Pine Tree Crassula
Fast growing shrub with spring–summer bloom. Heat-loving and easy to grow in containers or ground. Full sun. Low water. 3–4' x 2–3'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Curio articulatus, Hot Dog Cactus
Sausage-shaped, segmented stems with deeply-lobed gray-green leaves. Prune back if floppy. Full sun. Low water. 1' x spreading. Hardy to 30°F

Vigorous, low-growing ground cover, 1 1/2" bright pink daisy-like blooms in summer. Full sun/part shade. Low water. 3–6” x 1–2'. Hardy to to 25°F

Echeveria dondo
Compact, tight 4" wide rosettes of gray-green leaves. Bell-shaped orange flowers on stalks in late winter into spring. Part sun/shade. Low water. 10" x 10". Hardy to 20–25°F

Echeveria elegans, Mexican Snowball
Silvery green rosette with rounded, cupped leaves, offsets freely. Small yellow to pink flowers on a tall bloom stalk. Full/part sun. Low water. 6-8" x 7-8". Hardy to 20°F.

Echeveria pulvinata ‘Devotion’
Silvery green rosette with rounded, cupped leaves, offsets freely. Small yellow to pink flowers on a tall bloom stalk. Full/part sun. Low water. 6-8" x 7-8". Hardy to 20°F.

Epiphyllum mix, Orchid Cactus
Mix of pink, orange, yellow flowers. Great for draping from hanging basket or down a tall container. Shade/bright light. Low water, mist occasionally. 1' x 2'. Hardy to 40°F

Euphorbia anoplia, Tanzanian Zipper Plant
Forms colony of spineless, leafless ribbed columns. Slow grower. Avoid sap. Small dark burgundy flowers at tips. Full sun/lt shade. Low water, keep dry in winter. 1' x 1–2'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Euphorbia mammularis, Indian Corn Cob
Dense short-stemmed shrublet with thick, ribbed stem, club-like branches. Tiny yellow flowers late winter–early summer. Full sun. Low water. 14" x 30". Hardy to 20°F

Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’, Fire Stick Plant
Striking plant with cylindrical reddish-gold pencil-like branches. Becomes yellower in summer and redder in winter. Sap may cause skin irritation. Sun. Occasional water. 4–8' x 4'. Hardy to 30–32°F

Faucaria tigrina, Tiger's Jaw
Stemless, star-shaped rosettes of speckled leaves. Winter dormant, keep dry in winter. Part sun/bright shade. Slight moist spring–fall, dry in winter. 6", clumping. Hardy to 20°F

Graptopetalum paraguayense, Ghost Plant
Mounding rosettes of gray leaves with pinkish cast, white flowers. Sun/light shade. Low water. 1' x 3' trailing. Hardy to 25°F

Graptopetalum superbum, Beautiful Graptopetalum
5" wide, flat rosettes with thick, fleshy gray-pale lavender leaves. 1–2' tall stalk with pink-tinged white flowers in winter. Sun/shade. Low water. <1' x 2–3'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Haworthia cooperi, Cathedral Window Haworthia
Small, slow-growing clusters of rosettes. Translucent leaves with dark green stripes. Part shade/bright indirect light. Low water. 3–5" x spreading. Hardy to 20–25°F

Haworthia retusa, Cathedral Window Haworthia
Plump green leaves with windowed tips, bent back like a thumb. Slow-growing, low maintenance. Part shade/bright indirect light. Low water. 3–5" x 5–6". Hardy to 30°F

Kalanchoe beharensis, Velvet Elephant Ear
Slow-growing tree-like shrub. Large wavy, olive-green leaves are covered in brown hairs for a soft velvety texture. Sun/shade. Low water. 10–12' x 6–12'. Hardy to 30–32°F

Kalanchoe ‘Chocolate Soldier’
Slow-growing. Pale brownish green leaves with tiny hairs look/feel velvety. Dark brown edged leaves. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1–3' x 2–3'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of Thousands, Devil's Backbone
Unusual leaves are frilled with baby plantlets. Can grow indoors. Do not ingest. Part sun/shade. Average water. 3' x 3'. Frost tender

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, Lavender Scallops
Blue-green scalloped leaves turn pink/lavender in sun. Branches freely. Orange/apricot flowers in late winter. Sun/part shade. Low water. 2' x spreading. Hardy to 27°F

Kalanchoe orgyalis ‘Copper Spoons’
Slow-growing shrub with oval leaves, bronze to gray undersides, cinnamon-colored top hairs aging to gray. Sun/part shade. Low water. 3–6' x 4–6'. Hardy to 25°F

Kalanchoe prolifera, Blooming Boxes
Tall stems with compound leaves. When mature, 3' tall panicle of greenish-orange flowers appears in late winter. Sun/shade. Dry. 4–8' x spreading. Hardy to 25–30°F

Mangave ‘Bloodspot’
Cross of Agave and Manfreda. Speckled gray-green leaves edged with maroon. Brown flowers in June–July. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1' x 1–2'. Hardy to 20–25°F

Oscularia deltoides, Deltoid Leaf Dew Plant
Wiry dark pink stems & blue-green 3-angled fleshy leaves with small, often reddish teeth. Small lightly-fragrant yellow-centered lavender-pink flowers in spring/summer. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1' x 2–3'. Hardy to 25°F

Othonna capensis, Little Pickles
Long, pickle-shaped leaves grow in dense clumps. Yellow daisy-like flowers spring to fall. Sun/part shade. Avg–low water. 4" x 12". Hardy to 40°F

Plectranthus fosteri ‘Variegata’
Bushy, evergreen perennial. Good for ground cover or containers. White to pale mauve summer blooms. Sun/part shade. Moderate water. 2' x 2'. Hardy to 30–35°F

Portulacaria afra, Elephant Food
Upright growing plant with reddish-brown stems and 1/2" long emerald green leaves. Pruning okay. Bonsai. Sun/shade. Low water. 8–12' x 4–6'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Sedum adolphii ‘Firestorm’
Golden/greenish yellow leaves edged with red/brown in cold or in sun. Clusters of star-shaped white flowers in spring. Sun/part sun. Low water. 8–10" x 2'. Hardy to 32°F

Sedum album, White Stonecrop
Evergreen, mat-forming groundcover. Pink-tinged star-shaped flowers in summer. Leaves turn pinkish in drought. Sun. Low water. 4” x 12”. Hardy to -30°F

Sedum morganianum ‘Burro’s Tail’
Fleshy blue-green, rounded, leaves on trailing stems with pink/red flowers in spring. Good in hanging baskets. Part sun. Low water. 5” x 36" trailing. Hardy to 35–40°F.

Sedum nussbaumeranum, Coppertone Stonecrop
3" wide rosettes of yellow-green to orange leaves. Fragrant white flowers in late winter–spring. Heat tolerant. Sun/part shade. Low water. 8” x 2–3’. Hardy to 25–30°F.

Sedum pachyphyllum, Silver Jelly Bean
Ground-hugging succulent. Light green silvery leaves are short, stumpy, finger-like projections and are often tipped with red. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1'. Hardy to 30°F

Sedum Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’, Blue Spruce Stonecrop
Low mat-forming, evergreen perennial with blue-green needlelike leaves. Small yellow flowers in early summer. Sun/part sun. Low water. 5" x 15–18”. Hardy to -30°F.

Sedum rubrotinctum, Pork and Beans
Bean-shaped green leaves turn red when exposed to sun or cold. Bright yellow flowers in mid-spring. Part shade. Low water. 6–12" x spreading. Hardy to 20°F

Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’, Pink Jelly Bean
Small jelly bean-like leaves in shades of pale green, pink and cream. Yellowish-white flowers in summer. Part sun. Low water. 6–12" x spreading. Hardy to 20°F

Sedum stahlii, Coral Beads
Evergreen trailing groundcover. Red egg-shaped leaves can drop & root. Yellow flowers in late spring–summer. Sun/part shade. Low water. 6" x 12”. Hardy to 15°F

Sempervivum sp, Hens and Chicks
Spreading mats of rosettes (hens) with offsets (chicks). Hens flower (red/pink/yellow) then die, leaving behind the chicks. Sun. Low water. Variable size. Hardy to -20°F

Senecio haworthii, Wooly Senecio
Upright, cylindrical, white leaves due to covering of fine white hairs. Keep foliage dry. Full sun. Low water, esp. in winter. 1' x 1–2'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Senecio herreanus, String of Rain Drops
Dainty, trailing, teardrop-shaped version of String of Pearls. Filtered sun/shade. Low water. 1/2" x trailing. Hardy to 25°F

Senecio herreanus, String of Watermelons
Trailing branches of striped, watermelon-shaped beads. Markings on leaves are darker in sunlight. Part sun. Low water. 1–2" x trailing. Hardy to 30–40°F

Senecio jacobsenii, Trailing Jade
Fleshy green 2–3" long egg-shaped leaves overlapping like shingles along the stem. Purple blush in winter. Sun/part shade. Low water. Prostrate, spreading. Hardy to 20–25°F

Senecio mandraliscae
Dense mat of 3-4" long blue-gray pencil-like leaves. Small white flowers in summer. Deer resistant. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1' x 3'. Hardy to 15–20°F

Senecio radicans, String of Bananas
Trailing stems of banana-shaped green leaves with vertical, translucent lines. Excellent hanging plant. White blooms. Shade. Low water. 2" x trailing. Hardy to 30°F

Senecio rowleyanus, String of Pearls
Round succulent leaves carried down long, slender stems. They look more like peas than pearls. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1/2" x trailing. Hardy to 25°F

Senecio serpens, Blue Chalksticks
Tidy, semi-trailing, weed-suppressing ground cover. Dusty-blue fingers with pink tips. Sun/part shade. Low water. 1' x 2'. Hardy to 25°F

Senecio vitalis, Narrow Leaf Chalksticks
Blue-green, densely packed fingers on semi-prostrate stems that turn upright. Ground cover. Full sun. Low–average water. 18" x 3'. Hardy to 25–30°F

Succulent Sampler
A sampler of 5–7 varieties that will do well in sun. Water only when soil is dry. If in doubt, don't water. Sun/part sun. Low water.

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