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UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

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Questions about plant problems

Spider mites
Spider mites
UC has created an extensive Home, garden, turf, and landscape pests website with information on all sorts of problems California gardeners are likely to encounter. Search by the plant name to see a list of all of the pests it is subject to, or search by pest name if known or symptoms.

We also have a Help Desk you can contact by phone or email or visit in person. Please use our Plant Diagnostics page to gather pertinent information before calling.

Information about specific plants

The links in the navigation menu will help you find information on a wide variety of plants, from vegetables to fruit to lawns. See the list UC Publications for some excellent reference books.

Becoming a better gardener

Check out the many free or low-cost talks and courses that we offer on different subjects as well as our video lessons. Subscribe to our Tips & Events newsletter to receive a monthly email of seasonal gardening tips and a list of our upcoming events.

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