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Summer Vegetables

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May is a busy month for summer vegetable gardeners.

Tomatoes: be careful about planting too soon! Tomatoes are best plants when the soil warms to 60ºF. If you're not planting in containers, you may need to wait until the beginning of June.

Peppers: as soon as average nighttime temperatures are above 55° F, peppers can be added to the garden. Before that time, they can be started indoors. Make pepper more productive by planting different varieties closely together. You will get more peppers per square foot because the plants support each other and provide protection from sunburn. Plus, they look lush and beautiful. After planting, it is a good idea to remove flowers and fruit from large-podded plants the first four to six weeks to encourage deeper roots and more foliage. Learn more pepper tips by consulting our Growing Great Peppers page.

Squash: both summer and winter squash varieties can be planted now, either by direct seeding or transplants. The designation of winter squash means that they have harder skins and can be stored through the winter, but they're grown in summer.

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