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Vegetable Planting Chart

Purple zinnias with summer veggies, David Giroux
We are lucky to be able to grow vegetables year round here in Santa Clara County. Our Vegetable Planting Chart gives month-by-month planting times for warm and cool season vegetables, helping you make full use of your vegetable garden. This invaluable guide, created specifically for Santa Clara County, includes when to transplant seedlings, when to plant seeds directly in the ground, and when to start seeds if you are growing your own transplants.


Warm season vegetables

These are vegetables that grow best in the summer (April–September) and generally can't tolerate temperatures below about 50° F. Perennial vegetables that produce in the summer are included here.


Cool season vegetables

These are vegetables that grow best in the fall, winter, and early spring (September–April). Some of these can be grown in the summer as well, with some care.


If we don't have a page yet for the vegetable you are interested in, try UC's California Garden Web site or contact our Help Desk for advice.


Seasonal plant sales

Be sure to put our popular Spring Garden Market and Fall Garden Markets on your calendar. We sell thousands of vegetable seedlings at these markets, including many unusual or heirloom varieties. It's a great chance to talk to UC Master Gardeners and get your questions answered, plus the sales support our volunteer program. Sign up for our Tips & Events newsletter to receive a monthly email of seasonal gardening tips and a list of our upcoming talks, courses, and plant sales like these.

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