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Photo by Rosalie Shepherd
Photo by Rosalie Shepherd
How to grow: Peppers

Pest management: Pepper cultural tips, pests, and diseases

The Basics

When to plant: Mid to late April–June. For best results, wait until nighttime temperatures are consistently warm.

Harvest window: Pick pods at the right color for each variety. Some are best eaten green, others have more flavor when pods are red, orange or yellow.

Care overview: Growing Great Peppers and Chiles


Recommended Varieties for Santa Clara County*

Sweet pepper: Apple, Corno di Toro (red and yellow), Karma, Italia, Lipstick, Marconi (red and yellow), Nardello, Orange Sun, Topepo Rosso

Hot pepper: Aji Cristal, Aji Amarillo, Habanero (Orange, Chocolate), Pimiento de Padrón, Piment d’Espelette, Rocoto, Suave Orange

Also, see our list of Spring Garden Market pepper varieties.

* Many other varieties may also do well here in Santa Clara County. This list is based on UC Master Gardener trials, taste tests, and feedback from local growers.

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