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Cool Season Ornamentals and California Native Plants

Some cool season ornamentals bloom in the winter while others grow slowly then explode into flower for fabulous spring blooms. Plant in Sept–Oct for beautiful bouquets in a few months.

Fall is a great time to plant California native plants, which are adapted for growing strongly during the winter rainy season.

California Aster Symphyotrichum chilense
Tall 4" pot. California native. Likes clay soil. Pale lilac daisy-like flowers in summer. Deer resistant. 1–3' x 3'. Low water. Full/part sun

California Mugwort Artemisia douglasiana
Tall 4" pot. California native. Use to prevent erosion on hillsides. 4–6' tall x 3–4' wide. Water 2–3 times/month once established. Full/part sun

Coast Buckwheat Eriogonum latifolium
Tall 4" pot. California native. Cream-pink flowers summer to fall. 2' tall x 1–3' wide. Water 1/month once est., good drainage. Full/part sun

Coast Sagebrush Artemisia californica
Tall 4" pot. California native. Adapts to various soils. Fragrant grey foliage. 1–8' tall x 3–4' wide. Water 1/month once established. Full sun

Graceful Cinquefoil, Potentilla gracilis
Tall 3.5" pot. California native. Golden flowers in summer. Best in sandy/loamy soils. Spreads by rhizomes or seeds. 2–3'. Regular water. Full/part sun

Hooker's Evening Primrose Oenothera elata
Tall 4" pot. California native. Yellow/orange flowers in June–Sept. Water 1–2 times/month once established. 5' x 3'. Full/part sun

Milkweed, Showy Asclepias sp.
6-pack. California native. Pink to white flowers and thick green leaves attract monarch butterflies. Wooly seedpods are decorative. Perennial, full sun, 2–6' tall

Bolander's Phacelia Phacelia bolanderi
Tall 4" pot. California native. Light blue/lavender flowers. Fast growing. Deer resistant. 1–3' tall x 2' wide. Full/part sun, dry shade

Lacy Phacelia Phacelia tanacetifolia
Tall 4" pot. California native. Blue/lavender flowers in dense clusters attract beneficial insects. 1–3' tall x 1–2' wide. Very low water. Full sun

Salvia White Sage Salvia apiana
Tall 4" pot. California native. Very aromatic foliage, with tall white flower spikes. Attracts birds & bees. Perennial, summer semi-deciduous. Full sun. No/low water. 3–5' tall x 3–8' wide.

Pineapple Sage Salvia elegans
Tall 4" pot. Bright red flowers, deliciously pineapple-scented leaves. Cut back in spring to keep dense and bushy. 4–5' tall x 2–3' wide. Evergreen perennial. Part/full sun. Medium water

Salvia mexicana ‘Limelight’
Dramatic violet-blue flowers with lime-green calyces. Cut back hard in winter for bushier appearance. Evergreen perennial, Full/part sun, Average water. 6' tall by 2–3' wide

Rose Sage Salvia pachyphylla
Tall 4" pot. California native. Dense 4" spikes of blue-violet flowers in July–Sept. 1–3' tall x 2–3’ wide. No/low water. Full/part sun

Hummingbird Sage Salvia spathacea
Tall 4" pot. California native. Tall rose/pink flower stalks late winter to summer. Attracts hummingbirds. Evergreen perennial, Sun/shade, No/low water. 1–2' tall, spreads through underground runners

Sweet Pea ‘April in Paris’ Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Intensely fragrant sweet pea with cream flowers edged in dark lilac. Strong grower. Developed by Dr. Keith Hammett. 6–8' tall. Plant 4–5" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea Cheri Amour Mix Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Fragrant flowers with ruffled wing petals in bi-color combinations of salmon, pink, lavender, & rose. 8–10' tall. Plant 4–5" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea Heirloom Cupid Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Fragrant heirloom bush sweet pea with rose-pink picotee-edged blossoms is perfect for containers or hanging baskets. 8–10" tall. Plant 4–5" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea Jewels of Albion Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Fragrant antique varieties in cool shades of blues, lavenders, and white. Heat tolerant with succession blooming. 6–9' tall. Plant 4–+F155" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea Perfume Delight Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Heirloom blend of large, ruffled flowers with exquisite fragrance. Rainbow blend includes purple, red, rose, scarlet, white, blue, cream and some bicolors. More heat resistant than other sweet peas. 5–6' tall. Plant 6" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea Queen of the Night Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Stunning blend of super-fragrant antique varieties in rich, deep shades of mauve, maroon, crimson, navy blue, and salmon pink. 6–8' tall. Plant 4–5" apart.
  • 4-pack

Sweet Pea ‘Zinfandel’ Lathyrus odoratus
6-pack. Fragrant early bloomer with large ruffled blossoms in a stunning deep burgundy color. 6–8' tall. Plant 4–5" apart.
  • 4-pack

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