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Martial Cottle Park Fall Festival

Martial Cottle Park Fall Festival

Saturday, October 1, 2022
9 am – 2 pm
Martial Cottle Park, San Jose

Experience Santa Clara Valley's agricultural past, present and future, on land the Cottle family farmed for over 150 years. There will be children’s activities, local craft makers, live music, food trucks, and more. See the park event calendar for a more complete list of activities.

FREE admission to event, but note that the park charges $6 for parking (limited space). The park encourages the use of bikes and public transit. You may find parking closer to our area on Chynoweth Avenue near Vauxhall Circle for free.

Martial Cottle Park, 5285 Snell Ave, San Jose, California 95136 (Directions)

Activities in our Demonstration Gardens

Garden visits

Come see our beautiful Demonstration Gardens and Orchard. We have created a wide variety of gardens: California native plants, Mediterranean climate, succulents, habitat-friendly, and more. There will be Master Gardeners positioned throughout the gardens to answer questions. It’s recommended that visitors wear closed-toed shoes, layered clothing and a hat. 

Plant sale

There will be succulents for sale plus a modest selection of other plants.

Other activities

  • Scavenger hunt for children
  • Master Gardener information booth

Gardening talks

Join us for these great gardening talks and get your questions answered afterward. Each presentation will be about 25 minutes long. Some talks will have online handouts. Talks are held outdoors in our Pavilion. Please arrive early to allow time to park and look around. 

9:30 am  Growing Cool Season Vegetables
Fall is a great time to grow vegetables in California. Temperatures are cooler, there’s less insect pressure, you don’t have to water as often, and most vegetables can be harvested over a longer time, allowing you to “store” vegetables in your garden. Come hear Master Gardener Dee Brown discuss taking advantage of your garden in the cooler months ahead.

10:00 am  How to Plant Garlic
It’s time to plant garlic! And it’s really easy to do. Master Gardener Allison Heisch will tell you what you need to know to grow your own great garlic, and then she will show you how.

10:30 am  Planting California Natives NOW!
Fall is the best time to plant California natives in your landscape. Their growing season is just starting and they are eager to grow new roots and shoots as the weather turns cooler and rains begin, helping them become established in your garden. Come listen to Master Gardener Ann Finney explain why you should grow natives in your yard and how to get started.

11:00 am  Starting a Home Orchard
Thinking of starting a home orchard? Now is the time to plan before bare root fruit trees become available in January. Master Gardener Don Bollinger, our Orchard Team lead, will discuss what you need to do now to successfully plant fruit trees in your yard early next year.

11:30 am  Home Rainwater Capture
Water has become a very valuable commodity in California, and keeping what lands on your property can help your garden survive during a drought. Come listen as Master Gardener Hank Morales, who captures rainwater from his home’s roof and installed our ten thousand gallon rainwater capture system by our greenhouse, talks about building your own rainwater capture system.

12:00 pm  Planting Fall Cover Crops
Want to improve your garden’s soil this winter? Master Gardener Elizabeth Evans will tell you all about planting fall cover crops, which save your soil from erosion, help add organic matter, improve soil structure and water retention, suppress weeds, and can add nitrogen or help control soil-born pests.

12:30 pm  Decorating Pumpkins with Succulents
The holidays are upon us! Master Gardener Judy Hecht will show you how you can create wonderful decorations using mini-pumpkins, succulents, and a glue gun. This is a fun and creative activity for parents and kids alike.

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