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How to grow: Growing Great Citrus

Pest management: Citrus

The Basics

When to plant: Citrus can be planted almost any time of year. The best time is after the last frost in spring (mid-March)

Harvest window: Year-round, depending on variety

Fertilization: Nitrogen in January, again in May/June timeframe. Monitor for zinc, iron, and other micronutrient deficiencies and correct through foliar application or soil pH adjustments.

Annual care overview:

  • Most citrus requires frost protection when temperatures dip below 25 degrees Fahrenheit; monitor and protect citrus plants (cover, lights, a south-facing wall are examples)
  • Monitor for whiteflies, scale, mites, and sooty mold; many of which can be controlled by controlling for ants.

Recommended Varieties for Santa Clara County

The Growing Great Citrus page has a Varieties of Citrus section that provides recommendations for many types of citrus.

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