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Nectarine on tree

How to grow: UC Backyard Orchard, Nectarine

Pest management: Nectarine

Calendar: Peaches & Nectarines: Calendar of Operations for Home Gardeners

The Basics

When to plant: January–March

Harvest window: June–September, depending on variety

Fertilization: Nitrogen in spring and fall, additional applications based on tree age, health, and soil quality

Annual care overview:

  • Dormant Spray (Dec–Feb): depending on disease pressure, consider dormant sprays to control for aphids, mites, scale, and/or peach leaf curl
  • Dormant Pruning (Jan–Feb): 50% of previous year's wood
  • Fruit thinning to ensure fruit is roughly 6" apart
  • Monitor and control for common pests & diseases, such as aphids, scale, brown rot, and shot hole fungus

Some Recommended Varieties for Santa Clara County*

Arctic Rose, Double Delight, Fantasia, Goldmine, Heavenly White, Panamint, Peento, Snow Queen and White Rose.

* Many other varieties may also do well here in Santa Clara County. This list is based on UC Master Gardener trials, taste tests, and feedback from local growers.

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