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Boxwood Blight

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Boxwood is an evergreen shrub typically grown as a short border hedge. It is often pruned in a straight, formal style. It has been falling out of favor as native, drought-resistant plantings are increasing in popularity. Another reason for reconsidering its use is the fairly recent arrival of a fungal disease called Boxwood Blight. It was first detected in the U.S. in Connecticut in 2011 and reported in Santa Clara County in 2017. It is spread by contact through pruning tools, gardeners’ clothing, and irrigation. This blight can show symptoms in as little as a week. Look for brown leaf spots with dark edges, white spores on the undersides of leaves, black lesions on stems, and severe dieback. Humidity and overhead watering contribute to the disease being able to take hold. Pruning infected branches, with sterilization of tools between each cut, may help. Fungicides cannot control the disease once it starts. More likely the plant will have to be removed, bagged, and thrown in the garbage.
Boxwood Blight, Purdue Botany and Plant Pathology
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