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Field Bindweed

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One hundred years ago, field bindweed was declared “the worst weed in California.” And we’re still battling it. The only chance of controlling this invasive weed is to stay right on top of it and remove it as soon as you see any of it peeking up out of the ground. The roots can go as deep as twenty feet (yes, 20). Every time it starts growing above ground and photosynthesizing, it is storing energy in the roots. This allows it to put out new shoots, but if you remove them quickly the roots will eventually exhaust their energy stores. Carefully dig out as much of the root as possible. And do not put any part of it in the compost because it can regenerate from even a small section of root. See our UC pest note for more information about controlling this weed. The white morning glory style flowers may be pretty, but don’t let them stick around to admire them because they produce seeds that can be viable for 60 years!
More Information: Field Bindweed
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