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The Basics

Bunch of red radishes, MorgueFile free photo
Radishes are usually grown for their crisp, spicy roots, but the entire plant is also edible. The tops can be eaten like turnip or mustard greens, and some varieties are even grown for edible seed pods.

When to plant

  • Direct seed Apr-May (maybe Feb and June), Sept–Oct (maybe Aug and Nov)
  • Growing period depends on the variety and season. Summer radishes mature more quickly, germinating in 3–7 days. 

Harvest window

  • A fast grower, radish roots reaches maturity in a few weeks and should be harvested quickly.
  • Harvest when young and tender, as soon as they reach their mature size. If left in the ground, the radish may crack and will become tough and fibrous.

Care overview

  • Direct seed, planting 1/2 inches deep and thin to 1–2 inches apart to give the radishes room to develop.
  • Since radishes mature so quickly and do not hold well in the garden, seed small patches 7–10 days apart to have a continuous supply.
  • Winter varieties take longer to mature but keep longer in storage.

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Recommended Varieties for Santa Clara County

There are no specific recommendations for radish varieties.

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