UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA
University of California
UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

Converting Your High-Water Lawn to a Lush Water-Saving Landscape - Palo Alto

Date: February 29, 2024

Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Contact: UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County

Sponsor: City of Palo Alto Library

Location: Rinconada Library

Event Details

Photo showing the lawn alternative demonstration area at the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden

By removing your lawn, you can create a biodiverse landscape that is beautiful and easy to manage while using less water. In this talk you’ll learn about design considerations, choices of layout, and using hardy native plants. We’ll also discuss irrigation -- including how much water your landscape would need in the first year versus when it’s more established in the second year. Our speaker, Jennifer Doniach, is a garden designer specializing in native planting, and has been a Master Gardener volunteer since 2017. 

Presenter: UC Master Gardener Jennifer Doniach

Registration: None

Cost: Free


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