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Current Insect and Disease Quarantines in Santa Clara County

Asian Citrus Psyllid

Quarantine on citrus fruits, leaves, and trees; also curry plants, an alternative host

Asian Citrus Psyllid
Asian Citrus Psyllid
The Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) has been detected in San Jose and Milpitas as well as other parts of California. This insect pest can carry the disease huanglongbing (HLB) that is devastating for all citrus trees. Efforts are focused on slowing the spread of this insect as much as possible. The disease has not yet been found in Northern California, but has been detected in Southern California and other parts of the country.

This pdf from the Citrus Research Board describes—with excellent graphics—what the problem is, how to recognize the different stages of the ACP insect, how the disease HLB affects citrus, and the many ways that the insect than accidentally be transported into California.

Santa Clara County has some areas under quarantine for the ACP insect. As yet, there are no local areas under quarantine for the disease HLB. An HLB quarantine is in effect in parts of Southern California.

What the quarantine means

Can be moved out of quarantine zone

Home grown citrus fruit that is clean of all stem and leaf material can be moved out of the quarantine area. Washing the fruit is a good extra precaution to take.

Can be moved within quarantine zone

Plant material (whole plants, leaves) from backyard citrus or curry leaf plants may be transported within the quarantine area.

Can NOT be moved out of quarantine zone

Plant material other than fruit (whole plants, leaves) from backyard citrus or curry leaf plants can NOT be transported out of the area. However it CAN be put into local green waste collection.



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