UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA
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UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA


We have a wide variety of activities and information booths in addition to the plant sale. Join us for one of our many gardening talks, visit our Ask the Experts information tables, enjoy a children's activity or talk with us in our plant areas. We are here to answer your questions. 

Check back in September for the 2024 activities

Ask the Experts Information Tables

Help Desk table at garden market
Bring your plant, soil, pest, and tool questions to our Education Booths.

  • Help Desk: Bring your questions and plant samples and learn more about what is in our gardens.
  • Tool Care: See live demonstrations of how to keep your tools sharp and in tip-top condition. Bring your own hand pruner (must be in working condition) and learn to sharpen it yourself.
  • Master Composters: Learn about composting and composting resources in Santa Clara County
  • Master Food Preservers: Find out how to preserve your garden bounty with safe, effective techniques.

We will also have a Cover Crop Demonstration area and an Irrigation Information area in the raised beds between the Pavilion and the Farm Stand where you can get your questions answered on those topics.

There will be docents throughout the gardens to answer questions .

This year, joining our other established gardens, look for our new “One World Kitchen Garden” for new ideas and interesting plants from around the world!

Children's Activities

Learn about gardening and how food grows with a variety of fun activities! For kids of all ages. 


Fall Vegetable, Herb, Flower, and Succulent Questions

Drop by our sales areas to talk with Master Gardeners and get your questions answered on growing, harvesting, dealing with problems, special varieties, and more!


Gardening Talks 2023

Check back in September for the 2024 schedule

In the Pavilion

10 am

Cool Season Vegetables

The Mediterranean climate of Santa Clara County lends itself to having fresh vegetables year round. Come hear Master Gardener Nalayini Gunanayagam discuss which leafy green cool season vegetables you can grow from seed.

11 am

Cover Crops: What? Why? When? How?

Master Gardeners Elizabeth Evans and Jim Bell will talk about growing cover crops in the home garden: what they are and why you should plant them; what crops to plant and when to plant them. They will also demonstrate how to plant a cover crop in a raised bed.

12 pm

Cool Season Vegetables

Fall is a great time to grow vegetables and flowers in California. Come hear Master Gardener Matt Hall discuss how to successfully grow a cool season garden.

1 pm

Decorating Pumpkins with Succulents

Learn how to create fantastic holiday centerpieces and hostess gifts from pumpkins adorned with succulents! Join Master Gardener Judy Hecht as she transforms pumpkins using succulent cuttings and simple items found around the house into eye-catching holiday decorations. Both children and adults will enjoy this class!

At the Farm Stand

10 am

Rain Harvesting, Storage and Use

Master Gardener Hank Morales will give an Introduction to capturing and storing rainwater for garden use. He will also discuss how to add a simple home rain storage system and other rain catchment strategies for our Mediterranean climate.

11 am

Growing Wildflowers from Seeds

Would you like a colorful, low-water, nectar-rich, and carefree wildflower area in your garden next spring? Have we got a deal for you! Join Master Gardener Nalayini Gunanayagam to learn about growing native wildflowers in your yard. Be sure to pick up some wildflower seeds to get your garden started.

12 pm

Planting Sweet Peas for Best Blooms

Fall is the time to plant sweet peas for late winter and spring bloom. Master Gardener Nella Henninger will teach you how and where to get the best in blooms.

1 pm

Adding California Natives to Your Garden

Fall is the perfect time to plant California native plants in your garden. Master Gardener Carol Peck will teach you how and where to plant them in this informative talk. Questions are welcome.


In the Orchard

10 am

Grow Your Own Beverage Garden in a Raised Bed

This talk looks at the world of sensory alchemy in the garden for the creation of fresh beverages. Discover key techniques to help you grow and harvest botanicals. Master Gardener Monique Frappier will share ways to take advantage of small spaces and conserve water. You will have the chance to sample and savor a few of the roots, shoots, herbs, and flowers that can be used to make original homemade concoctions.

11 am

Starting a Home Orchard

So you want to plant a fruit tree… Great! Master Gardener Don Bollinger will teach you a few things you can do starting NOW so you are ready to plant trees that will thrive in spring. Where to plant, how much space you need, soil prep, watering system, and choosing the trees that will give you the fruit you like best.

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