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Spring Garden Fair Herbs

Basil leaves on plant
Listed below are the herb seedlings that we will be offering. Many of these, especially the basils, are very popular and may sell out early.

Please understand that some varieties may sell out quickly or not be available due to germination difficulties.

Herb List

Basil African Blue, Ocimum kilimandscharicum
4" pot. Very attractive tender perennial will bloom all summer long into fall until frost. Gorgeous flowers attract bees. Can grow to 4'. Tender perennial

Basil Cardinal, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Very ornamental basil with red stems and a dense reddish-purple flower head, almost like a celosia. Annual

Basil Italian Cameo, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Closely packed, luscious big leaves on a compact plant. Rich, traditional basil flavor. Annual

Basil Italian Genovese, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Almond-shaped, shiny dark green leaves. Strong flavor. Annual

Basil Italian Large Leaf, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Large leaf variety. Great for use in fresh salads where small leaf varieties are too fine. Annual

Basil Italian Pesto, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Glossy dark green leaves. Zesty flavor. This variety is the classic Italian basil for making pesto. Annual

Basil Lettuce Leaf, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Huge, crinkled bright green leaves. Sweet, mild flavor. Great for sandwiches, wraps, rolls, and more. Annual

Basil Mrs. Burns’ Lemon, Ocimum basilicum citriodorum
Quart with multiple plants. Saved for generations for its strong lemon flavor and fragrance, has a robust carefree nature in the garden and bigger leaves than any other lemon basil variety. Annual

Basil Purple Opal (Dark Opal), Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Mid-early upright variety with bushy foliage and smooth leaves. Dark purple color with intense aroma. Annual

Basil Salad Leaf, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Huge, crinkled bright green leaves. Sweet, mild flavor. Great for sandwiches, wraps, rolls, and more. Annual

Basil Sweet Thai, Ocimum basilicum
Quart with multiple plants. Exotic, aromatic flavor is excellent in Asian dishes. Annual

Basil Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ocimum sanctum
Quart with multiple plants. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is considered sacred in India and is said to have health-promoting properties. The fuzzy, fragrant plants make a delicious spicy, fruity tea. Grow as annual

Butterfly Pea, Clitoria ternatea
Vigorous pea-like vine. Requires trellis or other support. Vibrant blue flowers lends blue color to food and beverages. Annual, regular water, full sun. 6–12' tall x 3–6' wide

Chamomile German, Matricaria recutita
Fern-like plants are topped with aromatic daisy flowers that can be dried and used for herbal teas, potpourris, and dried flower arrangements. Edible fresh petals make a lovely addition to salads. Annual, regular water, full sun. 12–24" tall x 12–18" wide

Chamomile German, Chamaemelum nobile
Good as ground cover or lawn alternative. Can be mowed occasionally. Fresh or dried flowers are used for herbal teas. Evergreen perennial, regular water, part/full sun. 3–6" tall x 24" wide

Chives Common, Allium schoenoprasum
Quart with multiple plants. Edible flowers and delicate onion-flavored foliage. Perennial

Dill Tetra, Anethum graveolens

Quart. Tetra has aromatic leaves with a refreshing flavor. Bushy, heat tolerant, slow to bolt. Annual

Fennel Bronze, Foeniculum vulgare
Quart. Gorgeous reddish bronze foliage. Non-bulbing type. Season seafood, salads and vegetables with feathery leaves. Make tea made from leaves or sweet seeds. Annual/biennial (overwinter to produce seeds in second summer if desired)

Fennel Florence, Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum
Quart. Fennel bulbs are succulent, sweet, licorice-flavored. The delicately flavored feathery foliage is an excellent garnish to culinary dishes. Annual

Chocolate Mint, Mentha piperata cv
Smells like an after dinner chocolate mint. Use leaves as garnish or muddled for chocolate peppermint flavor. Best grown in containers to restrict runners. Perennial, occasional water, full sun. 18–24" tall x spreading. 2' tall

Oregano True Greek, Origanum vulgare hirtum
Quart. Excellent traditional oregano flavor. Dark green leaves and white flowers. Perennial

Parsley Italian Gigante, Petroselinum crispum
4-pack. Large, glossy leaves with an exceptionally sweet, mellow flavor. Biennial, height 12–18"

Roselle (Hibiscus, Red Sorrel), Hibiscus sabdariffa
Use flower and bright red calyx to make a cranberry-flavored tea or syrup. Leaves can be used like spinach. Tender perennial, regular water, full sun. 3–6' tall x 1–3' wide

Shiso (Perilla, Beefsteak Plant), Perilla frutescens
Showy purple-red leaves have a minty basil-like flavor. Will self-sow freely; deadhead to control. Annual, regular water, part/full sun. 12–36" tall x 4–18” wide

Thyme English, Thymus vulgaris
4-pack. A wonderful herb with endless culinary possibilities. Aromatic, attractive landscape plant with lovely small flowers. Perennial

Yerba Buena, Clinopodium douglasii
Good as groundcover or trailing in a container. Fresh or dried leaves are used to make a mint-flavored tea. Evergreen perennial, regular/low water, part/full shade. 6" tall x 1–5' wide, spreading

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