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UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

Tomato Trial: Getting Started

View the recording of our May 1 orientation meeting to learn more about the trial and answer some questions about navigation SeedLinked.

Planting seedlings

  • Review Growing Great Tomatoes before planting your seedlings. 
  • Harden off your seedlings
    • Harden plants off by gradually acclimating plants to outdoor conditions for 4–7 days before transplanting into the ground in early May.
    • Start by placing the plants in a sheltered location like a covered patio. Then expose the young plants to an increasing number of outdoor sunlight until they tolerate at least 6 hours of outdoor conditions.
  • When you plant your tomatoes, be sure they are clearly labeled.
    Tip: Punch a hole in the plant tag and hang it from the tomato cage rather than sticking the tag in the ground where it can easily get lost.

Using SeedLinked

  • To begin your trial, click the ‘Review’ button (it will say Pending’ if not yet open). From there you can:
    • enter planting and transplanting dates. For the planting date, enter Feb 27. That's the date the seedlings were started.
    • upload photos
    • add comments
    • review plants and fruits
  • At the end of your crop’s growing season, press ‘Submit my Reviews’/’Complete Trial’ and follow the prompts to finalize and submit your results.
  • Once you’ve completed a trial you’ll be able to see live results from all participants who’ve submitted reviews.

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