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Avocado on tree

How to grow: UC Backyard Orchard, Avocado

Pest management: Avocado

UC Riverside: Avocado Information Home Page

The Basics

When to plant: March–April (after last frost date)

Harvest window: Varies widely depending on variety

Fertilization: Nitrogen throughout the growing season; iron, zinc, and other nutrients may be needed

Annual care overview:

  • Train young trees to promote lateral growth
  • Trees are susceptible to frost damage; frost-protect plants when overnight lows are forecast to dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Avocados are harvested when mature, which will happen before the fruit softens

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Some Recommended Varieties for Santa Clara County*

Bacon, Fuerte, Hass, Lamb Hass, Mexicola, Pinkerton

* Many other varieties may also do well here in Santa Clara County. This list is based on UC Master Gardener trials, taste tests, and feedback from local growers.

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