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Vietnamese Coriander

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Persicaria odorata goes by several names - Vietnamese coriander, Vietnamese mint, Asian mint, rau ram, Laksa leaf, and phak phai are some of the more common ones. It's a herb used widely in Southeast Asia and is winter hardy in the frost free areas of Zones 9–11. The flavor is described as being reminiscent of cilantro, so it is sometimes grown in warm climates where cilantro would quickly go to seed. Only the leaves are used in cooking. Use young leaves raw or cooked in salads, rice or vegetable dishes, and soups and stews. 

How to grow

  • Type: Perennial
  • Light: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil: Moderately amended soil
  • Water: High. Prefers moist to wet soil
  • Size: 6–18" high x 6–18" wide

When to plant/propagate: The easiest way to grow Vietnamese coriander is to purchase bunches from the Asian grocery store in spring and root the stems in water. When roots show, plant in a wet location or pot. 

Harvesting: Begin harvesting leaves approximately two months after planting in spring.

Indoors: Vietnamese coriander can be grown as an indoor plant

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