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Holiday Ideas

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Christmas cactus
Prune your evergreen trees and shrubs now and use the cuttings for holiday wreaths.

Christmas cactus, poinsettias, cyclamen, kalanchoe, amaryllis and more help make the house look festive at this time of year. They prefer cool temperatures, so find a place for them away from a heating vent. To avoid over watering, check the soil and give them water only when dry.

Consider a living Christmas tree that can later be planted in your garden. A smaller tree doesn’t have room for as many ornaments, but is more likely to adapt well when planted outdoors. You can even rent a tree from Our City Forest as it's on its way to a permanent home in the community.

You can bring some of the beauty of your garden inside to decorate your home for the holidays. Consider some of these seasonal items for tree ornaments, mantle decorations, garlands, and wreaths: laurel leaves, lemons, pine cones, nuts, pyracantha berries, eucalyptus pods, grape vines, rosemary, and rose hips.

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