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Water Wise Plants

Symphoricarpos albus

sim-for-ih-KAR-pus AL-bus
Common Name
Plant Type
Mature Size
3 - 5 ft. tall and wide
Water Requirements
None: avoid summer water
Sun/Shade Requirements
Full to half sun, shade
  • Butterflies
  • Other birds
Flower Color
Maintenance- Design- Planting Tips

When fall and winter come, shrubs with berries and fruit add interest to the garden. Snowberry, a California native, has white berries that show up in the fall and last through winter. These berries are attractive to birds too.

One of the best features of snowberry is it does well in dry woodland conditions. It is a rare shrub that will thrive under a thicket of oak trees.

Some people find the branching structure of snowberry to be messy. California Native Plants for the Garden recommends occasional coppicing to improve its appearance. Coppicing means to cut back a plant to about one foot from the ground. This usually works best right before a plant puts out new growth in the spring.

PADG Notes: Our snowberries grow in a shady area that gets no summer irrigation.


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