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Tanacetum densum amani

TAN-uh-SEE-tum DEN-sum AHM-an-eye
Common Name
Partridge Feather
Plant Type
Mature Size
6 - 8 in. high, spreading slowly to make a mat about 1 1/2 ft. wide
Water Requirements
Moderate: water weekly until the root ball is wet
Sun/Shade Requirements
Full to half sun
  • Bees
  • Beneficials
Flower Color
Maintenance- Design- Planting Tips

Tanacetum densum amani is a ground cover that is native to Turkey. Its leaves are silver and have a feathery texture.

PADG Notes: This plant is used as an edger in one of our beds. One drawback to the plant is the small yellow flowers that appear in late spring. Some people like them, but we cut them off.

This plant has survived, but not thrived at in the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden. One reason might be that it likes more water than it receives. It is watered deeply every three weeks. We suspect this plant would look lusher in the summer with deep weekly watering.

This plant is not easy to find in nurseries and gardens, but if you like the texture, Tanacetum densum amani is worth seeking out.

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