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Triteleia laxa ‘Queen Fabiola’

trit-el-AY-ah LAKS-uh
Common Name
Triteleia 'Queen Fabiola'
Plant Type
Mature Size
Flower stalks are 6 to 28 in. tall
Water Requirements
None: avoid summer water
Sun/Shade Requirements
Full to half sun
Flower Color
Maintenance- Design- Planting Tips

Triteleia ‘Queen Fabiola’ is a California native bulb with purple blue flowers in the late spring and early summer. It has grass like leaves that go dormant in the summer. Triteleia 'Queen Fabiola' used to be called Brodiaea and many bulb catalogs still list it under that name.

PADG Notes: 'Queen Fabiola' has been planted in several beds on the edge of the garden that receive limited or no supplemental water. Because 'Queen Fabiola' has delicate flowers and blooms in the late spring when lots is going on in the garden, this bulb needs to be massed to make an impact.

Avoid summer water especially in clay soil. We remove the brown leaves in the summer to keep a tidy look, but that's not necessary.

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