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Water Wise Plants

Acacia cultriformis

a-KAY-see-uh kul-tre-FORM-iss
Common Name
Knife-leaf acacia
Plant Type
Mature Size
10'-15' high x 10'-15' wide
Water Requirements
Very Low: water deeply several times a summer
Sun/Shade Requirements
Full sun
Flower Color
Maintenance- Design- Planting Tips

Acacia cultriformis is a tree that can reach 15' in both height and width. It has striking silver-gray leaves and is covered with vibrant yellow flowers in winter. This is a very drought tolerant tree and can go without water in summer once established. Although generally considered a problem-free tree, acacia branches can be more prone to breakage in windstorms than some other trees. Consider location carefully when planting.

PADG notes: The tree is a focal point during winter in the garden. It is pruned to a size that suits its small garden bed. During the dry season, drip irrigation is used every three weeks.

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