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Water Wise Plants

Miscanthus sinensis 'Yaku Jima'

mis-KAN-thus sih-NEN-sis
Common Name
Silver Grass 'Yaku Jima'
Plant Type
Mature Size
2 ft. to 3 ft. wide and tall with plumes rising 4 ft. to 5 ft.
Water Requirements
Low: water every three weeks until the root ball is wet
Sun/Shade Requirements
Full to half sun
Flower Color
Striking golden plumes in fall
Maintenance- Design- Planting Tips

There are many cultivars of Miscanthus on the market that vary in size and foliage color including silver and reddish brown. The cultivar 'Yaku Jima' is a U.C Davis “All Star” plant.

From a design perspective, the delicate foliage and showy plumes of Miscanthus add movement and texture to the garden. The plumes look especially lovely in the fall afternoon light.

To keep a fresh look, cut Miscanthus to the ground in winter and divide every few years. That is the only maintenance needed for these trouble-free plants. Miscanthus sometimes takes a year or so to get established.

PADG Notes: Miscanthus 'Yaku Jima' is a favorite of Roberta Barnes, one of the founders of the Palo Alto Water Wise Demonstration Garden. She has found Miscanthus to be one of the best-looking grasses for full sun and low water. There have not been any problems with this grass reseeding in the Demonstration Garden. 

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