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UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

Waterwise Tips

View of Palo Alto Waterwise Garden

General Drought Tips

Even in years with plentiful winter rainfall, summers in Santa Clara County will always be dry. Planning your landscaping and gardens for summer dry conditions will put you ahead of the game for future droughts and water restrictions. Here are some useful tips and links for homeowners and gardeners who want to manage their garden and landscape in a responsible, waterwise manner. For specific rules on water usage and irrigation limits, check your water service.

Drought Gardening: Useful tips from UC for edible gardens, lawn, landscaping plants, and trees

Keeping Plantings Alive under Drought or Water Restrictions

Six ways to Reduce Water Usage: Helpful ways to conserve water without killing your garden

Video: Make Every Drop Count: Home Gardening and Landscaping in a Drought Year


Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption: Saving trees in a drought

Help an Oak Tree Tolerate Severe Drought: Even native oaks may suffer in a severe drought

Landscape and Turf

Landscape Water Management: Questions & answers about water conservation and drought in the landscape

Water Wise Plants: Favorite plants from our water wise demonstration garden. Learn about the best plants to use with the least amount of care and water in our climate. With photos and detailed information.

Drought and Landscape: Thoughts about lawn conversion, including impact on existing trees


Graywater: Appropriate usage of household graywater in the landscape. Also see the Water District link on laundry graywater.

Water District Information

The Santa Clara County Water district offers programs to help their customers conserve water. Here are some useful links:

Landscape Conversion Rebate Program: Rebates for converting high water use landscapes or pools. Note that properties must be inspected prior to conversion.

Laundry to Landscape Rebate Program: Rebates for installing laundry graywater system

Water Retailers: List of water retailers with links to specific municipal restrictions

Report Water Waste: Report water waste in Santa Clara County

Newsletter: Monthly email newsletter from the Water District


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