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COVID-19 update, April 3: Spring Garden Market has been canceled, and there will not be any direct sales to the public. We are investigating alternate ways to make the plants available. Information will be posted here when available.

Spring Garden Market

To keep all of us safe, we are canceling our Spring Garden Market. There will be no direct sales to the public, but we are investigating other ways to make the plants available. Information will be posted in Spring Garden Market when available.

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UC Master Gardeners are here to help. There are many ways to find answers to your gardening questions.

Upcoming Events

Want to learn more about gardening, chat with UC Master Gardeners, or catch our next plant sale? See our Events Calendar for upcoming talks, courses, and more.

Quarantines, Pests, Waterwise Tips

Fruit and Vegetable Quarantines

There is currently one quarantine in effect in Santa Clara County, on citrus fruits and trees for the Asian Citrus Psyllid. See our Quarantine Information to learn more and view the quarantine area map. Help contain the spread of this pest.

Waterwise Tips

Here are some useful tips and links for homeowners and gardeners who want to conserve water and manage their garden and landscape in a responsible manner. Learn about waterwise plants and gardening techniques, lawn replacement and rebate programs, graywater usage, and more.

Becoming a Master Gardener

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Do you have a passion for gardening and helping others? Learn about Becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer. The next application period is May 1–July 31, 2020 for training in 2021.

Tips & Events

Easter Lily
Easter Lily
See our current Tips & Events newsletter for seasonal information plus a handy list of upcoming events.

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Vegetable Gardening

Want to grow your own vegetables? See our vegetable gardening pages for advice on specific vegetables. Our vegetable planting chart shows you the best times to plant vegetables in Santa Clara County.

Master Gardener Handbook

Save 10% on any UC ANR books ordered online, including the excellent California Master Gardener Handbook, by using our promotion code PRCLA43. A portion of online sales that use our promotion code benefits the UC Master Gardener of Santa Clara County program.

Pests in the Urban Landscape

News Articles

Lacewings are among the most beneficial garden insects. Here, you can see their eggs suspended at the end of threadlike stalks. (Courtesy Liz Calhoon) Bay Area gardens thrive with beneficial insects, like lacewings
The natural world is truly incredible. Thousands of good and bad bug varieties inhabit our yards, landscapes, and gardens. If we don't interfere too much,...

There are numerous reasons behind Japanese maple dieback, from girdling roots that compress the stem and sapwood to fungus that attacks from within — or it could just be a shortage of water. (Courtesy Rebecca Jepsen) How to cope with Japanese maple dieback
I've had questions recently from friends about problems with their prized Japanese maples. Unfortunately, maple dieback seems to be a common problem of late...

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